Hunter x Hunter Episodes 29 + 30


Review Episode 29:


“This is a shady, highly frowned upon method” that Wing is about to use anyway to power up Killua and Gon and ensure they get back to floor 200 before midnight. Well, one of the consistent themes of this story is that Gon kind of gets through things so I guess this was to be expected. Still, doesn’t look like his first fight is going well. Might all be worth it just for that view from his room, because that looked amazing.

Review Episode 30:


Gon’s first fight in the 200’s went about as well as expected. Is it wrong that I enjoy his occasional defeats? They happen so rarely that it actually seems novel watching Gon get smacked down a little. Anyway, Wing pretty much tells him that if he breaks his promise again he won’t train him anymore so now he’s got to wait for his injury to recover before he can continue and Killua decides to wait for him. So we jump to Kurapika who is discovering that passing the exam and ‘passing the exam’ are two entirely separate things, so I guess he’s about to power up as well.

I did have to completely agree with Killua’s assessment of Gon in this episode though. Gon likes the rush. He gets caught in the moment and genuinely enjoys fighting. It’s kind of great that he brings youthful enthusiasm to the arena rather than blind hatred or rage but you have to wonder how far he can get with that mindset.

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