Hunter X Hunter Episodes 26 – 28


Review Episode 26:

Episode 26 is another letter and recap episode. Pass.

Review Episode 27:

By the way, I know they are talking about martial arts, but why aren’t they actually in school?

I’m kind of convinced at this point that I’d pretty much watch Gon and Killua doing anything. The two of them interacting together is always just too cute to watch (even if in real life if I had to spend time in the same room as the two of them I’d probably try to strangle them). So, this episode pretty much just had them enter a fighting arena and work their way up with almost no effort. The only inclusion of interest was that one of the opponents Killua faced used a power similar to his brother’s which has led him to seek someone who can teach him about it. That could be interesting.

Review Episode 28:


This story really enjoys having characters back track. Wing offers to teach them, doesn’t tell them the truth, but by the end of the episode agrees to teach them for real (with some very real time pressure as well). Wing’s change in attitude makes little sense, though Gon and Killua have a real immediate motive for trusting him the second time. Hisoka sitting at the end of the hall on the 200th floor barring their path is a fairly strong incentive to get strong fast (or run away and hide which would be my first choice). Still, things are definitely getting interesting so we’ll see how this develops.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 26 – 28

  1. I skipped the recap episodes too. They might be nice when you are watching the show weekly, but not for binge watching.

    1. Agreed. If there’s been a gap or something then a recap might be required but as I can skip to the next episode with this, I did.

  2. This part doesn’t make sense until the arc is over. Once you reach a certain episode and they finish their time at the tower it will become very clear.

    You have a lot more patience with Gon and Killua than I do. I skipped over a lot of scenes. Eh they just played out so cliche. That being said you might be able to endure the Island arc much better than I did. It really wore on my patience.

    I do wish they were drawn differently so I could not see their Yu Yu Hakusho counterparts in them. But I guess the cute act sells more people know about Hunter X Hunter than Yu Yu. Then again Yu Yu came out in the dark days of anime before it was easily accessible.

    1. I’m definitely amazed at how much I enjoy watching Gon and Killua. As I said, if I had to deal with them in reality they’d drive me nuts, but as characters it is just so fun watching them.

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