Hunter x Hunter Episodes 24 + 25


Review Episode 24:

So after everything Gon and the others have done essentially Killua is just going to walk out to meet them. This just kind of seems like entirely wasted space. I mean sure, we get to meet Killua’s family and realise they are all incredibly crazy in unique and interesting ways, but that hardly seems like compensation for two episodes of essential dungeon crashing just to have the gate open and the Princess walk out on her own (sorry, Killua, I know you aren’t actually a damsel in distress). Of course, they haven’t actually met up yet, so we’ll see what the next drama is going to be.

Review Episode 25:


Okay, so after not meeting last episode they both just end up in the same place and after a game we’re all reunited and its fine. Really not sure what the whole point of this story was but Killua is back and Gon and Killua are still pretty adorable together. Actually, the last five minutes of the episode were fantastic watching the two of them plan their next steps. Though Gon not using his licence, or the money, is going to get old really quick so lets hope he gets over that sooner rather than later. And really? Picking a fight with Hisoka? That does not seem like a smart survival instinct.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 24 + 25

  1. I have to say Hunter X Hunter is one of my guilty pleasures. It is kinda like One Piece and Dragon Ball Z rolled together in terms of storytelling (and I did not really hate those series but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to watch them), but I guess the almost innocent nature of Gon is kind of endearing. It just makes you want to see how things work out for him.

  2. I think the point is to show how dangerous and powerful he could be. Minor spoilers but his family does play some roles in future arcs. I guess it’s more an introduction of them? Particularly his father and grandfather who are extremely deadly on their own. Later on I do really like his cross dressing little brother. Not sure if that’s the right word for it, but it’s what comes to mind.

    It also shows how very naive Gon is. Which at times is quite annoying. He does grow somewhat but… well he’s probably the most frustrating part of the series for me. Later on it gets better when he isn’t the main focus or when he is forced to confront situations that have no easy answers.

  3. I have such mixed feelings on this series. I liked it, but some episodes became very repetitive and monotonous. Maybe it’s because I’m a shonen veteran now and I have seen the tropes play out over and over. Some episodes are really hit or miss. This find Killua arc was a miss for me. It did start off good, but quickly faded for me. That’s kinda the way the whole show is minus the Tower and Chimera Ant Arcs which are fairly good every episode.

    1. As much as enjoyed Killua as a character I just don’t see how any of them going to his house was relevant or particularly interesting. Still, overall enjoying the show.

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