Hunter x Hunter Episodes 22 + 23


Review Episode 22:

Gon is still pretty angry this episode which is a nice change of character for him. Admittedly, its a little bit like Jekyl and Hyde with the two aspects of his personality not really connecting well at the moment, but at least its a switch from happy-go-lucky every single episode.


Once again this show makes me question its internal logic where a family of assassins are famous enough that there’s a tour bus to the gate of their estate but we’ll just move right on past that. These guys take security pretty seriously which leaves me wondering how Gon and friends will actually get in and find Killua.

Review Episode 23:


So, time for a training sequence and then through the gate? And didn’t Gon’s arm heal itself in fairly record time? Anyway, we’re finally moving into the estate and Gon is doing a really good dictionary definition of persistent. This episode feels kind of fillery. It is advancing the plot but really they’ve just dropped a whole bunch of obstacles between the characters and the goal to stretch this sequence out. None of the obstacles feel like they have real purpose (unless all that strength training is going to be called on again in later story arcs). That isn’t to say the episode was bad, it just didn’t really do much other than progress us closer to Killua and they could have done that by putting less things between Gon and Killua in the first place.

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6 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 22 + 23

  1. I have to rewatch this series, I miss Killua. 😀 He is my favorite character from Hunter x Hunter.

  2. Unfortunately the Zoldyck Family arc is the worst part of the series, but it’s fairly short and has some great emotional pathos throughout it.

    As for Gon’s arm healing, it’s mostly attributed to some of the shows internal logic that gets explained further down the line, so don’t worry about that 😛

    I always did find it funny how the Zoldycks are this famous family of assassins, yet they’re treated as normal celebrities as opposed to people who kill others for money haha.

    Still enjoying these weekly posts on the show.

    1. I’m still enjoying the show but this sequence was relatively pointless in the end. I’m a little bit ahead of my posts at this point (curiosity and lack of other shows for the weekend got the better of me). It definitely seems to pick up after this bit.

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