Hunter X Hunter Episodes 20 + 21


Review Episode 20:

Okay, when they set up these matches I was not expecting Killua to be the one who lost. Nor was I expecting a “I’m your brother” reveal so there we go. Two surprises in one episode. Still, the moment below broke my heart just a little bit.


He’s so cute. You know, for a trained killer. He just wants to be friends.

Anyway, Gon’s reaction at the end of the episode was perfect and I loved that the narrator felt the need to tell us twice that Gon was angry. Just in case we missed that from the way he marched down the hallway and kicked in the door. Of course, Gon being angry is a new state of affairs so maybe they just wanted to make sure we got it.

Review Episode 21:

They weren’t kidding when they said Gon was angry. And now we have all kinds of modern conveniences including ninja who use email. But anyway… I’ve given up trying to figure out if this is based on any particular time period because it just seems so incredibly mixed. Anyway, these two are really creepy still.

So that’s the exam done, except the final line of the episode makes it clear it isn’t. You know, for all the supposed perks of being a hunter, there are way too many hoops to jump through in this application process. But hey, we’re off to rescue Killua, maybe, so that should be fun.

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7 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 20 + 21

  1. Lol…I remember watching those episodes thinking…oh, wow Gon can get angry and Killua actually has feelings. And honestly the exam is like trying to jump through rings of fire while you’re drenched in gasoline. I couldn’t even imagine having to do the exam, but it does make for some good entertainment.

    1. I’m still wondering why anyone does them. I know the whole lots of money and access thing but seriously, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

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