Hunter X Hunter Episodes 18 + 19


Review Episode 18:

The fourth phase is finally ends though the snakes give them a little bit of trouble. Not as much as they should because apparently Gon is super-human. Evidenced by being able to hold his breath an impossibly long time and carrying three people simultaneously.


I do get that this is an anime but I genuinely have to question how we are supposed to ever worry about these characters when they seem pretty indestructible. Unless they are an exam extra in which case you can get dropped to the bottom of the gorge without a word being said. Anyway, I’m not sure I like where those interview questions are leading but I guess we’ll find out in the next episode what the final phase is all about.

Review Episode 19:

Okay that was unnecessarily heavy. I watch a lot of fairly dark shows but when watching a show like this the last thing you expect is pretty much something that amounts to torture of an eleven year old, and levity at the end of the episode or not doesn’t make that sit any better. It’s kind of all about expectations. Watching something you know is going to be dark means you are pretty immune to the affect of it whereas in this case it kind of hit me off guard.

That aside, Gon is an idiot but apparently that’s enough for him to get by this time. Though part of me kind of wisher Leorio and Kurapika had run into the fray. So, broken arm, severe bruising (though realistically should be internal bleeding given the beating he took), and a head wound aside, Gon technically won his round and so should technically have passed the exam. Wonder how that will play out next episode.

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