Hunter X Hunter Episodes 16 + 17


Review Episode 16:

Hisoka is really creeping me out right now which is why I’m kind of impressed with both Kurapika and Gon in this episode as they both had confrontations with Hisoka where they didn’t curl into a ball and cry. Seriously, I think that would be an appropriate reaction for having to deal with him.


I love that even though Gon had his moment, after all that training and all that effort, immediately after he had the wind taken from his sails. So far Gon has had an incredibly easy ride and given his age and inexperience it seems that set backs like these should be occurring more often. Still, Hisoka is seriously creepy.

Review Episode 17:

Killua continues to be my favourite character in this show. I love how laid back he is during the early part of this episode and how he still takes the time to mess with the bald guy by switching the tags before he throws them. From Killua’s point of view this gained him nothing but the amusement of messing with someone.


On the other hand, Gon reuniting with Leorio and Kurapika was kind of bland. The only thing I really took from the following sequence is Gon has not instantly recovered from his set back last episode and that’s nice to see him developing a bit. I’m not overly concerned about the snake trap because given the sheer number of episodes still to come, I somehow doubt they are about to get killed.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 16 + 17

  1. I can second the above comment. Hisoka gets faaaaar more creepy later on, to the point it was actually pretty uncomfortable. It’s almost kind of a funny uncomfortable.

    Gon getting the wind taken out of his sails is one of my favourite things about the show. The characters always seem to have a long way to go, since they’re all inexperienced kids compared to a lot of their peers and this is the first time you really get a feel for the gap between Gon and someone like Hisoka in terms of experience and strength.

    And Killua is also my favourite. I’d wager he’s my favourite character of all time 😀

    Glad you’re still having a good time overall! Really enjoying these write ups as they come.

    1. GLad your enjoying it. I know most people have already seen this show but its a good way for me to keep track of where I am up to and how its going given how many episodes there are. Plus, I really enjoy hearing what other people thought when they watched the show.

      1. Given its my favourite show I love seeing new perspectives and opinions on it, especially episodic reviews, since most people tend to marathon it before writing about it at all.

        So I find the forming of your overall opinion of the show fascinating (and similar to my own)

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