Hunter x Hunter Episodes 14 + 15


Review Episode 14:

Part of me is a little concerned about how little regard some of these characters have had for their surroundings. Small details like the last 24 numbers and who owns each one seem to have passed a few of our characters by. Given some of their feats of concentration and observation that seems like a major oversight.


Anyway, to progress to the final stage of the exam Gon has to get 6 points. Admittedly, the easiest way to get 6 points is to collect your targets badge (given its worth 3 points and your own is 3 points) but was there ever an explanation that said that couldn’t just steal three other random badges. Given who Gon’s target is, that seems like the far safer course. Or maybe I just look for loop holes and they aren’t supposed to get the points that way. Anyway, not a huge amount happened here as we seemed to be transition from the previous challenge into the new one, but I look forward to the upcoming episodes.

Review Episode 15:

Should I feel bad that my plan was the same as Hisoka’s? I mean, he is not a great person and he plans on just taking three random tags. Anyway, blood sniffing butterflies? Really?


I guess it saved us watching Gon walk around cluelessly for half an hour. Not that it mattered given once he found Hisoka he just kind of crept in the bushes for the rest of the episode. Fortunately, Leorio and Kurapika picked up a lot of the slack this episode.


It was kind of satisfying to see Tonpa finally get crushed and the monkey guy had never left much of an impression so there was no issue there. Actually, I’m more thinking to what will happen next with Hisoka about to target Leorio and Kurapika.

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5 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episodes 14 + 15

  1. The chemistry between Kurapika and Leorio is what makes this episode great, and they come together in a fantastic manner later (not really a spoiler since they are major characters). What you noticed here, and what you’ll notice later, is that when the anime focuses on Kurapika or Leorio, it’s brilliant. When it focuses on Gon and Killua, it’s mediocre.

    1. So far I’m finding the opposite. Leorio is very hit and miss for me but Killua I’m finding adorable (or scary depending). Kurapika spends a lot of time having very little personality but he has had some great moments.

  2. Glad you’re still working your way through the series.

    As for the stealing thing, that’s allowed, I believe they explained that, although I may be mistaken.

    You can more or less take any badges you want using whichever methods you’d like (including stealing) so long as you make it back with 6 points in the end.

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