Hunter X Hunter Episodes 12 + 13


Review Episode 12:

Remind me to never, ever get trapped in a room with Killua and Gon. Seriously, how the other characters hadn’t killed them prior to them being released I will never know. They might be adorable, and they are, but small room, noisy energetic kids, and this is not a combination I want to endure.

Anyway, over half the episode is them  trapped in the room so I was kind of relieved when they kind of put the rest of the challenges into a short montage sequence before they got to their final choice where once again Gon saved the day. So finally out of the tower and the question is, what next?

Review Episode 13:

I suppose the three and a half star rating on Crunchyroll should have tipped me given every other episode has had at least four and a half if not five stars. Recap episodes. Other than a minor letter framing device with some moments of voice over this is rehash of scenes in the previous episodes. Tedious in the extreme as it adds nothing.

So rather than a review I guess a collection of screen shots from the past 12 episodes will suffice. Moving on then.

Hunter x Hunter is available on Crunchyroll.

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9 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter Episodes 12 + 13

  1. Okay I been watching it on Toonami, I don’t know what episode is on and I miss a view of them, but is a good fighting type of anime. The fighting animes I like is the Dragon Ball series, Fist of the Star series of not counting the live action movie in 1995, that wasn’t good, I also like Deadman Wonderland, an other anime that deals with some type of big hole in Japan, I think it set in the future with the characters having some type of powers with the Red Spot that they call the power from the big hole in Japan.
    One Punch Man is kind of funny but I like long lasting fights to make it exciting or one’s where they train to get a rematch or a few, to finally win over the person they fighting, so yeah fighting anime gets you draw into them and make you want to be stronger in a realistically possible way, without taking any drugs to become stronger or pumping oil in your muscles that doesn’t make you stronger but make you look stronger and very unhealthy like suicidal for you.

  2. Luckily there’s only two recap episodes in the show (which can be entirely skipped).

    I have no idea why Madhouse decided to put them in actually. It was always baffling to me to be perfectly honest.

    Glad you’re making your way through the show still. The next exam phase is by far the most interesting of the lot.

  3. ” this is not a combination I want to endure”

    I agree. I can hardly stand kids on a good day and as fun as these two are, I’d go insane from exposure.

  4. I was lucky to be warned of the recap episode before watching it so I just skipped it. Was annoyed that they gave us one so early in the show, but I think that’s the last one in the series if I remember correctly.

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