Hunter X Hunter EPisodes 10 + 11


Review Episode 10:

The main group are having a bit of a disagreement with Kurapika refusing to finish off his opponent but rather than watching them wallow we get to cut over to Hisoka finishing off his route through the tower. I liked that just when it looked like things were shaping up for a major fight between Hisoka and the previous examiner that the fight was cut short when Hisoka just had enough and ended it. It was a nice moment and kept things moving. Cutting back to the main group, Leorio finally got over his sulk and actually had one of his cooler moments. I’m kind of wondering if he’ll win his match but part of me doesn’t want him to because I’d really like to see Killua have to take some action, but I guess I’ll find out when I go to the next episode.

Review Episode 11:

Leorio went from one of his cooler moments to one of his most lame in about the span of five minutes, but that’s pretty much expected at this point plus it guaranteed Killua got to have a match (though not much of one). I’m sorry, that was incredibly cool. Can we please see more of that?


Anyway, three examinees are finished, and Gon’s group are now waiting out 50 hours in a room that looks extremely modern, still adding to my confusion about what time period this whole show is set in. Looking forward to what happens next.

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11 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter EPisodes 10 + 11

  1. “Leorio went from one of his cooler moments to one of his most lame in about the span of five minutes.” That right there is pretty much Leorio’s constant state. Flip-flopping between cool and lame, whatever he sets out to do.

  2. Glad you’re continuing to enjoying it.

    As for the time period, there really isn’t one as such. It’s a wacky world with all kinds of crazy technology and stuff. It’s a bunch of everything really, and it’s a little nuts as you’ll soon see after the Hunter Exam arc 😛

  3. It’s pretty modern. There’s computers, internet, phones, automatic weapons (kind of relevant to the question since there are people who fight with swords and pretty much anything else they can use, I guess like Hisoka and his cards). This kind of fantasy setting is usually ‘used’ in non-modern/medieval-even kind of stories so it’s a bit confusing at first but as the hunter exam continues/ends you’ll see that the world of HunterxHunter is actually kind of crazy but pretty exciting and interesting.

  4. I think that when togashi wrote this part of the manga, he was kind of exaggerating the tech of the time. Some of the things are definitely “fantasy tech” lol. Of course it’s production has spanned decades by now so later in the show you see iPhones and more current, real tech. It’s some kind of weird fantasy world so I would say the closest time period would be current day. I think the madhouse adaptation probably took some liberties with updating some of the tech WITH things that are common now but maybe less so when the original manga was written. Just keep in mind if you are confused about anything regarding time period, that it was originally written in the 90s but the adaptation you’re watching is from the last few years. So nothing is going to make sense lol. Plus I would say “Dates” and “time” is one Togashis weak points as a writer.

    I really hate leorio in this ep but thankfully he never acts like this again. It’s so out of character.

    1. It’s weird and probably the biggest complaint I have about this series so far. Which probably means it is pretty good if I’m bothering to complain about that.

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