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They finally reached the actual exam. I’m starting to wonder how many times they are going to make a false assumption before someone directs them to the reality and they all act surprised because we’ve done this a lot over three episodes and it is starting to wear a little thing. A lot of this episode was taken up with introductions of other applicants and it kind of looks like they are going to be interesting so I’m looking forward to what happens next. I do have to wonder why anyone would take the test 35 times though. If you aren’t ever going to become a hunter and reap the rewards for it why keep taking the test? Surely stopping others from succeeding can’t be that fun.


Anyway, this show is kind of growing on me and I enjoyed this episode even though not a lot really happened.

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6 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 3

  1. Guess they usually have those clichés everywhere, huh… I heard that the start is kinda weak for this series, that’s why I couldn’t pick it up.

    Hoping to read your thoughts on the series, it might help me decide. Anyway I am not gonna pick it up anytime soon this year.. ✌

    1. Well with so little out that I’m thrilled about this season I’m thinking I’ll definitely be watching this for awhile so hopefully it is as good as everyone keeps telling me.

    2. I liked the first arc a lot for the world and characters, especially Killua.

      The deceptive challenges and super-hard exam are gonna be repeatedly drilled into you. It establishes just how wise and/or powerful and/or lucky the weakest Hunter has to be, making the title all the more desirable.

      The fact that the series is able to keep escalating from there is pretty fun too. Overall, it’s a fun but not super breathtaking time in the first few arcs. I watched each arc separately (though the Family arc is really short and probably the weakest, so one should watched that either the arc right before or the arc right after in my opinion).

  2. hes a nasty old man who gets his kicks screwing with people! thats why hes there every year haha. the beginning is definitely the weakest part of the show. At this point i really wasnt convinced i would like it. if you stick thru the exam stuff you will be rewarded tho!!

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