Hunter X Huner Episodes 4 + 5


Review Episode 4:

How they managed to make an episode with a whole bunch of characters just running through a tunnel not boring is still kind of a mystery, but they did succeed. Certainly we had character dialogue and we got to watch the obnoxious guy with the laptop drop out, but still they literally spent the whole episode running. I think the best part of this episode was seeing Gon and Killua interacting. The two of them together is kind of adorable and I’d like to see more of that. Leorio finally having to take off his suit jacket though was also kind of entertaining. Still wondering if he was lying when he said he was a teenager or if that’s actually true and anime ages have just remained as inscrutable as ever. Anyway, I now have a swamp to look forward to in the next episode.

Review Episode 5:


Okay, I knew going in Hisoka was bad news (it isn’t like you can go to anime sites on the internet and not know that), however he is creeping me out. The clown motif is bad enough but he’s kind of psychotic. Other than that this episode kind of built on the last one. The characters continue to reveal more about themselves as the challenge continues. The array of wildlife was certainly more interesting than the tunnel, though I find this show’s habit of freezing the screen to label things a bit off putting as it kind of breaks the narrative flow.

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7 thoughts on “Hunter X Huner Episodes 4 + 5

  1. “The two of them together is kind of adorable and Iā€™d like to see more of that.”

    …You’re in for a real treat šŸ˜›

    Glad you’re warming up to the show more. It’ll only keep going up I’m sure.

    Also Hisoka is indeed very creepy, but it works incredibly well for making him the antagonistic sort of character. He wound up becoming one of my favourite characters by the end. He’s incredibly weird though and has some… Questionable tendencies…

  2. HunterHunter is in my list of favorite animes….. I had watched this , like, 4 x, all episodes each time. I love Gon and Killua, and so far, Hisoka as the villain is a favorite…. for some reason, I can’t hate him.

      1. Gon is incredibly pure and innocent despite the violence that surrounds him….. and Killua…… what can I say ? I ‘ve always found it hilarious every time Killua does his eye-rolling thing on Gon.

  3. I’m in the process of watching this myself and the show has really impressed me. I don’t watch many long running anime but watching this doesn’t feel like much of a grind. Three are good things coming in further episodes- hope you enjoy them!

    1. The first couple of episodes were okay but didn’t do much for me but now I’m starting to get into this. It’s definitely picking up.

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