How To Keep a Mummy Episode 8: It’s Monster Day Care and It Is Soooo Cute!


I will admit, my interest in the story of How To Keep a Mummy this week was a bit hit and miss. The kids realise Connie has been wandering during the day and decide that the monster children need supervision while they are at school and so they turn to a local shrine god to babysit. It is as cute as you would expect but it kind of doesn’t amount to all that much more.

How To Keep a Mummy

Let’s Be Honest, We’re Not Watching How To Keep a Mummy For The Plot

Still, Mii-Kun manages to get outside of the shrine and runs into another Oni-Child who thinks Mii is lost and leads him away from the shrine. After a series of misunderstandings, Mii gets back, safe and sound. And that’s really all there is to it.


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If you are watching How To Keep a Mummy for the cute, this episode really hits you hard with the adorable. If you were hoping for something more, there’s not a lot to be found.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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Karandi James

17 thoughts on “How To Keep a Mummy Episode 8: It’s Monster Day Care and It Is Soooo Cute!

  1. This episode has made this show become one of my favorites of the season. It could have no substance for the rest of the season and I would be cool with it.

  2. Honestly, I enjoyed this ep more than the previous as it played to the show’s strong suite – giving Mii-kun his head and maximum screen time.

    1. Maximum screen time to the cute mummy is definitely this shows selling point and when they remember it the audience has a great time even if there isn’t all that much substance.

  3. I’m upset about the Star Butted Unicorn. How do you throw something like that onto an anime and not say anything about it? How?

    1. And why can’t one of the kids own that? I think that would have been a fantastic pet to feature on the show. Plus, think about the cute plushies you could sell.

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