How To Keep a Mummy Episode 6: A Little Knowledge Can Be Adorable


Conny, Isao and Mii-Kun together are making a truly cute team in How To Keep a Mummy. As much as I didn’t like Conny’s introductory episode, he adds an interesting dynamic to the trio and of course presents several moments of conflict for a show that might otherwise get a little bit sleepy and dull.


But as much as the pets are bonding, the kids are also forming quite the friendship. And with future play-dates between the cuties, it will be fun to see how these three continue to get along.

How To Keep a Mummy Hasn’t Asked Where These Monsters Are Coming From?

How to Keep a Mummy

This episode of How to Keep a Mummy mostly focuses on the idea that Isao is a little bit more advanced in being able to take care of itself than either Mii-Kun or Conny. This leads to some cute jealousy as well as the other two trying to catch up by writing adorable notes and trying to do things by themselves. 

As usual, there isn’t much in the way of plot and other than chasing down a screaming plant and retrieving it from the river, not a lot happens, but that isn’t really a problem when they manage to keep you entertained by staring at the cute characters on the screen.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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Karandi James

15 thoughts on “How To Keep a Mummy Episode 6: A Little Knowledge Can Be Adorable

    1. There are so many good screenshot moments in this series (though that is probably the only real strength of the series is how cute it is).

        1. That was the super cute moment from episode 1 where he was trying to send the mummy back and so the mummy used all its energy to copy the dog and barked. It was really too cute. I’m glad this episode linked back to that moment because it is still adorable.

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