How To Keep A Mummy Episode 4: And Without The Star What is Left?


My previous episode reviews have left no doubt that about the only thing How To Keep a Mummy has going for it is the single cutest mummy in existence. So what happens when we get a whole episode with barely any appearances by said mummy because they are introducing the second little character, a child oni (demon)?

How To Keep a Mummy diluted its own winning formula.


The answer is, not much. I didn’t really click with this new character and don’t find him particularly cute. I did enjoy some of Tazuki’s reactions to the oni but basically that was the whole first half. Oni shows up, Tazuki reluctantly lets him in, next morning he kicks him out and bemoans the fact that he’ll come back.

The second half at least has the oni meeting the mummy and that is kind of adorable, but it isn’t quite enough to off-set the rest of the episode.

How To Keep a Mummy

While How to Keep a Mummy wasn’t bad this week, it is just kind of average. And I’ve known from the start that everything about this show is pretty ordinary and it has only been the presence of Mii-Kun that has really elevated it to something I’ve enjoyed. Still, here is hoping that next week goes a bit better or at the very least we have more of the mummy and less of the oni.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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14 thoughts on “How To Keep A Mummy Episode 4: And Without The Star What is Left?

    1. Well, it isn’t as though I didn’t already know it was a pretty average show with an exceptionally cute hook. I just didn’t realise they would dilute it that much that quickly.

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