How To Keep a Mummy Episode 1: That’s Adorable and I Want One


I have no idea whether How To Keep a Mummy can keep me interested for a whole season, but I really had fun with this first episode. Sora is pretty standard as the protagonist but doesn’t cross the line into annoying. Plus, his fairly sensible reactions throughout the episode kind of help to ground the otherwise odd plot line of having a pet mummy.

How To Keep A Mummy – Question Is Why?


This episode is one of set up and discovery for both Sora and the audience and it works well as we learn about the Mii-Kun’s (the name Sora gives the mummy) fearful nature, clumsiness, tastes in food, and general need for attention. Playing the mummy opposite the pet dog certainly added a comedic moment as well as gave the audience a fairly touching scene as Sora finally accepted the mummy as staying and stopped trying to pack it off home.


However, what really makes this episode work is that it is just kind of adorable. Not a lot happens plot wise, we’re introduced to Sora, the mummy, and one of Sora’s friends who has so far terrified Mii-Kun and I’m looking forward to seeing more of their interactions, but there’s not a lot of depth for any of these characters at this stage. There’s also some girl living in Sora’s house and I’m not sure if she’s a relative at this point because that was not really explained but I’m sure it will be later. Still, adorable.

How to Keep A Mummy

I didn’t think I’d watch the whole of this first episode and yet I enjoyed it from start to finish. While I still don’t know if this will work for a whole season, I don’t have much to complain about at this point.

Images from: How To Keep a Mummy. Dir. Kaori. 8Bit. 2018

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Karandi James

20 thoughts on “How To Keep a Mummy Episode 1: That’s Adorable and I Want One

    1. I must admit, I don’t think I’ve ever considered the possibility of a cute mummy before watching this show. But adorable is literally the only word to describe Mii-Kun.

    1. They didn’t really set up much of a story here other than boy looks after mummy and other cute things are likely to show up (from watching the OP). Still, good first episode buys it a little bit of time.

  1. I wasn’t expecting to sit through the first episode of this either, but I did. I’m curious to see what will happen in the second episode, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how this will work for a full season as well.

  2. It’s sometimes amazing how certain shows that you really don’t expect to like, turn into something fun. And it’s pretty understandable that you want one of these : that really looks way too adorable lol 😊

    1. So incredibly cute. Whether that’s enough to keep me watching the show is another story but this episode and that mummy are absolutely adorable.

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