How To Build Strong Camaraderie By Facing Adversity

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Tsurune Episode 5 Review

The training camp is on but the boys are fairly annoyed to discover that their ‘servant’ duties, having lost the match last week, pretty much exclude them from actually training. That’s okay. Because like with most sport based anime, they aren’t just getting better at sport, we’re making better people, or in this case a better team.

Tsurune Episode 5 Nanao
This is fairly sensible advice.

I was actually a little put out in the second half of the episode where Masaki’s brother pointed out how ‘close’ the boys had gotten and used his photos from the camp so far to demonstrate the point. It seemed really unnecessary given the visuals throughout the episode had already driven that point home as the space between characters visibly shrank and they began actually looking at each other when they spoke. It just seemed a little heavy handed to then have a side-character draw attention to something that had served its purpose well on its own and felt a bit like they were worried that maybe the audience would miss the point (which seems really unlikely).

Tsurune Episode 5 Team barbecue

Though if I’m going to start nit-picking at this show for being heavy handed that’s probably going to be the kiss-of-death because Tsurune is unashamed of what it is and makes no attempts to break the mould. It focuses instead on giving us a well paced and visually stunning sports focused slice of life with characters who are slowly revealing themselves to the audience. In this it succeeds admirably but there’s nothing much subtle about what it is doing.

Tsurune Episode 5 Masaki

Still, there’s a genuine delight when you see the boys coming together. From their united displeasure at realising they won’t going to have time to train, to their argument over pork or beef at the supermarket, to the amusing hat rescue sequence, and then traditional bath sequence and barbecue, every scene builds up a sense of camaraderie between these previously fairly detached characters.

Tsurune Episode 5 Minato and Onogi

And of course, there are clearly some further details about Minato that have yet to be revealed. Any anime character with a scar that large has some angsty story. We kind of already know that Minato has an angsty backstory but the details are still pretty vague.

2 thoughts on “How To Build Strong Camaraderie By Facing Adversity

  1. Haven’t watched the episode yet, but it seems that Tsurune is still taking its time.

    If it was 24 episodes, we would get to know more about the club. But if it’s the standard 12, all other characters may get the short end of the stick and have Minato get the most development in the end. Almost everyone revolves around him.

    1. I don’t actually have a problem with it all revolving around Minato. While it would be nice to see the other characters get developed, and I’d love the girls in the club to get more use, if its 12 episodes and does something interesting with Minato’s arc, I’ll be happy with just that.

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