How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 8: Is It Not A Game?


Diablo is given reason to question whether or not he really is in the game world yet again as several events this episode make him reconsider how safe he is and how things actually work. It’s a wonderful reminder that despite being overpowered Diablo is still incredibly vulnerable and it leads to a fantastic fight this week.


This week we see the resolution of the fight with Shera’s brother but it turns out that he isn’t going to be hanging around all that long. After a fight between Diablo and the summoned hydra the Prince runs for it and Diablo doesn’t kill him because Shera begs him not to.


That doesn’t play at all into the plans of the Lord who sent Diablo after the prince in the first place and so the real ‘villain’ of the week will raise his sword in a fairly spectacular fight as we finally get someone who can more or less keep up in a fight against our overpowered demon lord.


I wasn’t overly surprised that Galford showed up here as I pointed out in episode 5 that his introduction made no sense unless it was set up for something:

Maybe they just want this guy known so that later when he does something important it doesn’t feel like a last minute add in?

Still, I wasn’t expecting this interesting a fight during this episode and I wasn’t expecting a single opponent to be this challenging for Diablo. However, given he just took out an elf army, rescued a Princess, and defeated a hydra, we can probably forgive him for being a little under the weather when it comes time to fight the local lord.


What was less spectacular was that Rem and Shera were more or less shunted off to the side to clutch their hands and be all hopeful that Diablo would win. While it is clear that they aren’t in Diablo’s league, they really deserve better as characters than to be spectators coming in after the fact to mourn in Shera’s case or heal the remaining elves in Rem’s.

Now, after a wonderfully plot driven episode they did need to dive into what can only be described as a fan-service fuelled scene as Sylvie first gives him alcohol and then gets mistaken for a body pillow. While the scene isn’t as graphic as earlier scenes with Shera have been, there’s really no other reason for it other than a fan-service finish.

Images from: How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. Dir. Y Murano. Ajia-Do. 2018

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