How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 2: Fan-Service and Boobs in Fantasy Land

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 2

I’m thinking that anyone who finds fan-service and boob gropes a major problem are going to have already ditched this show from consideration and I can’t say I blame them. That said, does this anime offer anything else?


Seriously, it is kind of accepted that fan service moments are going to permeate these kinds of stories, particularly with a set-up as blatant as summoned demon lord enslaves his summoners (who happen to be a cute cat chick and an elf with gravity defying breasts), and yet I can’t help but wonder if the beginning and end of this episode couldn’t have ended up scrapped on the editing floor without discernibly changing the episode.

The entire pre-credits sequence was the usual trope of boy wakes up, realises he’s still in fantasy land, and then wonders what his hand is touching. Oh, it’s the elf’s breast. And then instead of moving his hand he proceeds to grope her blaming his hand for having a mind of its own. And then he realises his right hand is on the cat girl’s breast. It all ends with cat girl losing her temper and probably hitting him before we begin the credits.


While I get there is an audience for this kind of sequence, the majority of people I know who watch anime tolerate this kind of nonsense rather than enjoy it. And even those people who watch a show for the more ecchi moments would surely want something presented better than this?

The final sequence in the show goes back to boob grabbing with the elf girl straddling the demon lord for whatever reason and then the cat girl coming in and claiming she’s aware her boobs are small before she once again probably pummels them. It is lazy fan-service at best and it is when this anime is at its weakest.


In between these two sequences we get a mixed bag of an episode with the part registering at the adventurer’s guild and taking on a quest. There’s some lighter moments like when Diablo tries to play down the elf’s fear of a blood seal and then proceeds to slice his own thumb open leading to copious blood spray (wait, I was meant to be covering light moments), and then the magic mirror works quite well.

Even the absence of fast travel or teleportation leaving Diablo to declare the game ‘BS’ was kind of amusing before we got a reasonably decent fight sequence considering how overpowered Diablo is (meaning, there’s really no opposition and just a one sided defeat with some extremely unfair magical attacks).  It isn’t great by any means, but it is actually kind of fun.


The question most viewers will have to ask themselves is whether or not the excessive fan-service is a plus or a minus and whether they enjoy it or are willing to tolerate it for what seems like it will be a fairly average kind of show. For me, I’m probably sticking with this one but I’m not expecting it to exactly rank high on my list of anime from this year.

And if the fan-service ends up increasing from this point, I will probably drop because the elf on the bed at the end of this episode is kind of my limit. And if you are looking for screencaps of the fan-service, I’m probably not going to be much help because I’m not taking those.

Images from: How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. Dir. Y Murano. Ajia-Do. 2018

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Karandi James

16 thoughts on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 2: Fan-Service and Boobs in Fantasy Land

    1. I think this one mostly manages a good balance of catering to people who enjoy the fan service and telling a decent story and building up its characters. Episode 10 really does push fan service a bit too far for those who are watching for the plot, but for those who like fan service the show is definitely delivering.

    1. And that’s probably what a lot of people will do, and to be honest if the fan service gets any more intense, it’s probably what I’ll do.

  1. Well….I’m not even remotely considering to watch this. After reading this I know pretty much that I am only going to be annoyed by this anime..which isn’t worth it if you ask me. (That, and there is plenty of other stuff to watch). Unless this show changes drastically, I doubt I will ever end up seeing this 😊)

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