How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 11: No More Games


When Alicia decides its time to drop the charade, she doesn’t go half-way about it. There’s very little subtlety to be found in any of the events in this episode of How Not To Summon a Demon Lord but with one episode to go I can’t say that is necessarily a bad thing.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 11 - Alicia

This episode has Saddler’s return, Alicia’s betrayal, a Fallen army marching on the city, a torture sequence and the real resurrection of the demon lord… That is kind of a lot to pack into an episode and yet all of these story elements have been building up nicely over the course of the season so none of them felt suddenly thrown in or unnecessary.


The Biscuit Song potentially could have been cut down a few seconds of screen time, but everything else in this episode felt fairly purposeful, if a little blunt.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 11 - Klem

And that is probably the only criticism I have this week. Due to how much the episode was trying to cover everything was just kind of thrown at the audience and explicitly stated by the characters. Even Diablo’s momentary panic attack about how he could act like a Demon Lord and ask for help wasn’t as nuanced or interesting as previous scenes that have dealt with his internal personality freaking out. Though I did like the reaction of the guild.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 11 - Guild

But overall, this series has managed to maintain a fairly cohesive plot that’s had relatively good pacing and so as we draw closer to the conclusion, while I personally may have liked a little less fan service along the way, I can’t help but feel that this story has been a pretty enjoyable ride and as long as it doesn’t hurl itself off a cliff in the final episode, I’m going to remain pretty happy I watched this.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord Episode 11 - Saddler

Though, I kind of would have liked Saddler’s end to have taken significantly longer. That guy was a sadist and totally deserved a more painful ending. Still, at least we don’t have to listen to him declaring himself god anymore.

Images from: How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. Dir. Y Murano. Ajia-Do. 2018

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Karandi James

10 thoughts on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 11: No More Games

    1. If you haven’t read the other episode reviews, I’ll definitely give this one a heavy fan-service warning, but there is a good story and some interesting characters. Still, if fan-service isn’t for you, I’d steer clear because there’s a lot.

    1. Episode 10 is about the only one I haven’t really enjoyed since the mid-season and that’s just personal taste because the fan-service really seemed to cross a bit of a line. That said, from a story point of view episode 10 is fine as well, but it does mean the series as a whole is harder to recommend because of a particular scene that will rub people the wrong way. If that doesn’t bother you, then it actually has been a pretty fun show and overall the story has been fairly solid.

  1. This was probably my favorite episode of the entire series. In particular, the whole “keep your promise” thing seemed well done and out of the ordinary. This series had no business producing an installment this good!

    Also, maybe we’ve finally gotten around to living up to the series name!

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