How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 1: An Isekai Entry With A Bit of Ear Nibbling


We’ve got demon summons, enslaved girls, an elf, a cat girl, magic, bouncing boobs, and a guy pinning a girl to a bed and then having no idea what to do next… Yep, we’re back in the isekai genre so I guess the question is whether this one is any good.


It is amazing how many things in the isekai genre I dislike by default and yet I actually don’t dislike the genre. The repetitive set-ups and characters, the over-reliance on game mechanics to propel the plot forward, and the annoyance of relying on girls in skimpy outfits with various breast sizes for a lot of the comedy and fan-service really all do deserve to be criticised to forever and back.


Yet if I look past all of that, How Not To Summon a Demon Lord actually gave us a fairly average first episode and has a bit of potential to be not terrible, which is kind of promising given I lost count of the number of close ups of the elf girls breasts flouncing up and down.


Maybe this is just my popcorn style viewing, but the generic shut in main character (who wouldn’t withstand any kind of analysis given he’s the worst kind of gamer stereotype) ending up in the game world as his in game character Diablo who is extremely overpowered managed to entertain me.

He’s not a complex character by any means, but his internal panic compared to his external role playing dialogue worked well enough for amusement and the set up of the cat girl with a demon soul trapped inside her was intriguing enough as a plot point to make me want to know what is going to happen next.


Okay, I’m not going to jump up and down about this one because there’s definitely the usual elements that turn people away from isekai stories and so far it hasn’t done anywhere near enough to compensate for those weaknesses, but I’m going to give this one a couple more episodes to see if it can find its feet and make itself that little bit more distinct.

If you watched this first episode, I’d love to know your thoughts so leave me a comment below.

Images from: How Not To Summon a Demon Lord. Dir. Y Murano. Ajia-Do. 2018

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Karandi James

30 thoughts on “How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 1: An Isekai Entry With A Bit of Ear Nibbling

    1. I quite like isekai stories. They are all a bit samey and silly but that’s sometimes fun. I just wish they weren’t as full of fan-service as so many of them are.

  1. Hmm…I haven’t seen this one, and I have yet to make my choice for the second animeshow I’m going to watch next to Angels of Death…but..pretty convinced after reading this, that it’s not going to be this one 😊😊

    1. Probably a good choice. It you were only going to watch one or two shows this season, this one probably isn’t worth the time.
      That said, I decided to only take on ten shows this season and so far I think I’d be struggling to say that there are ten shows I even want to watch. That is very unusual in a season, though not everything is out just yet.

      1. Well I plan to limit it to three (one being Attack on Titan, the other Angels of Death). I still am trying to decide which will be the third, but a couple of shows I really am interested in. Ten shows is still a lot though: wow 😊

        1. Ten is pretty low for me. I’ve decided to take it a bit easy this season while I find a good balance again. That said, there’s a couple of shows I’m going to watch but not review so I think my viewing schedule will remain as hectic as ever.

          1. Haha..good for you😊 I wish I could watch more, but with so many other things to watch, including my addiction to Korean dramas and movies…I find it too hard to keep up with more than 3 shows…but…I might stretch it to 4 😊
            It’s a good thing that you are taking it easy this season: still, really do look forward to finding out which shows you are going to enjoy 😀

  2. Haven’t gotten around to it yet, but looks interesting enough.

    Also, just checked out your pateron page :P. You have a good voice, I’m pretty surprised you haven’t gotten in to pod casting yet. Videos are a lot more time consuming, feel free to try it though.

    1. Videos are incredibly time consuming. Still, it is something I want to work towards and hopefully I’ll get there eventually.

      1. Yup, I’ve mentioned it the odd or few times, I’ve dabbled with video editing in the past. It’s going to be a balancing act, if you do. I feel something will have to give.

        1. That’s kind of why the patreon. I need to be able to cut down my actual work hours if I want to do any kind of consistent video work so at the moment it is a goal and not really a possibility. That said, I’m starting to practice so if I ever get to that point I’ve got somewhere to start from.
          I’m aware at the moment I just can’t do any more with my blog with the time I’ve got.
          That said, if you’ve got any hints or tips I’ll happily take them on board for future projects.

          1. It depends entirely on your video style. Is it going to use lots of effects and transitions. P-I-P (picture in picture) or will be it the current style you have audio narration.
            Save often. Editing multiple raw footages can really tax your system, so save often.

            I used a mid entry video editing software. Corel videostudio pro x9. If you haven’t used video editing suites, then use software that are beginners to mid entry. Once you’ve gotten the hang of video editing, then move on to the big software Sony vegas. You can get the more commercialised version: movie studio. They are essentially the same product, one is stripped down and made for home use. The other is for professionals.

            Movie studio has a steep learning curve, even I was overwhelmed with just how much movie studio (it was called movie maker back then) has, in terms of customisation on it’s effects and transitions, plus it has lots of add ons for it as well. If you are jumping in to the deep end, then YT tutorials are the best thing.
            That’s the best tips I can give.

  3. I am a simple dude and this premise had my inner teenager pinged so count me in. Seriously though, not much of a fan but I am not mad.

  4. I feel pretty much the same. The exuberant amount of focus on the elf’s breast and skimpy outfits was eye roll inducing but once that demon trapped storyline kicked in, I wanted to give this a chance. Even if the breast focus was even imprinted on the trapped demon, of course, being cuvacious.

    1. As I said, I’m not expecting anything amazing from this but it does seem possible there’s a reasonable story here. I’ll see what the next episodes bring before I make up my mind about whether I’m sticking with this one or not.

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