Holmes of Kyoto Episode 9: And Then Nothing Happened


And dropped.


Last week I was already comparing this story to about as exciting as watching paint dry and episode 9 was, if anything, more dull. So what analogy can I use for this one? Maybe like following lint flowing on air currents with your eyes? Potentially like waiting for a monument to erode from old age? I’ve got it!

Like being asked to read a compendium of political speeches from the last hundred years on tax reform.

And in case you are wondering why I haven’t gotten to the review yet, that is it. In a nutshell. I was so incredibly bored while watching this. The off-model characters and the fact that the background characters are faceless and almost motionless doesn’t even come into my decision to drop at this point (though – really?). Because nothing about this episode made me care in the slightest.

Please let it say ‘run away’.

Holmes and Aoi go to some market and along the way Holmes tells her about some shrines in Kyoto that they could see on the walk (and really this is just one more moment that makes me believe that somewhere some tourism board were behind the funding of this anime). But instead of that being any kind of focal point we just kind of get a mashed up montage of Holmes and Aoi doing shrine like things with the random guy who tags along because he was in one episodes once and maybe we care about him.

Then we meander to part two where Aoi wants to see Holmes’ room because he saw hers and they are at his house, and oh no he is not a neat freak. Shocker. Then we go to the party where a staged game gets interrupted by Ensho because why not? Ensho challenges Holmes to a game and for some ridiculous reason he agrees but there’s just no reason to care.


I was done with this series about five minutes into this episode and by the end of the episode I can clearly state that I have zero desire to watch any more. It isn’t broken, but it also isn’t good.

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9 thoughts on “Holmes of Kyoto Episode 9: And Then Nothing Happened

  1. One word: Finally.

    I’m kidding. I honestly thought you would finish it to the end since you’re so close but I guess it was just too dull and uninteresting. :/

    1. I was hoping to stick it out and then I realised I was just watching for the sake of finishing it and other than reiterating that it is bland I had nothing to say about it.

  2. I’m still debating whether I should watch this anime after all the reviews I’ve read, but it’s entertaining reading your reviews per episode. I’m glad you lasted long though!

    1. I just kept hoping the show would do something with the potential some of the characters had. But no, week after week it just kind of meandered along.

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