Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7: Ensho Appears Again


Well, our resident counterfeiter who for whatever reason has decided his life’s goal is to humiliate Holmes as turned up again, this time playing a fairly obvious game before confronting the young appraiser. I’m just not sure this is as thrilling as it sounded in someone’s head before it became an anime.

Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7

In terms of heroes, Holmes leaves a lot to be desired given he isn’t exactly motivated to do anything beyond his job and he doesn’t have a great personality. It kind of makes sense that the rival character introduced to play Moriarty to his Holmes is equally uninspiring and that their clashes, while undeniably one of the more interesting elements in the series, are pretty underwhelming.

Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7
Thank you, Captain Obvious. Why are you even in this episode?

It’s a shame, because the idea of Holmes being an art appraiser and Moriarty a counterfeiter by trade actually works quite well on paper. If the series had exclusively stuck to actually building up this binary opposition and these characters it potentially could have been quite interesting. Instead though we’ve spent far too much time on Aoi who is as generic and forgettable a character as they come (though seems to have some kind of knack for appraisal) and now it feels like we’re supposed to accept an epic rivalry between two characters that don’t really have enough presence to carry it off.

Holmes of Kyoto episode 7
What is going on with their faces?

It isn’t that this episode was bad. Except perhaps the visuals (because what was going on with some of these characters in this episode). It is more that there is so much unrealised potential with the concept and the show itself is strictly remaining pretty ordinary.

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4 thoughts on “Holmes of Kyoto Episode 7: Ensho Appears Again

  1. I’m really wondering to myself if this show is worth continuing. I like Holmes’s relationship with Aoi, but I am starting to enjoy it less and less.

    1. There’s not a lot of reason to watch this. It isn’t committing any grievous sins or doing anything overly obnoxious. But it just isn’t doing much of anything else either. There’s not a lot to recommend keeping it around on a watch list but I haven’t really got around to dropping it either and this late in the season it will probably hang around on my watch list.

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