Holmes of Kyoto Episode 2: We’ve Ditched The Antiques For a Pretty Bland Puzzle


What this episode had to do with anything I will probably never know, but as a follow up to a fairly ordinary first episode it really didn’t do much to generate any more interest in this anime.


There’s a very good chance that I’ll drop this at episode 3. Episode one gave us all antiques and no mystery. Episode two changes that around and other than meeting the family in the shop there are no antiques. It makes for a fairly unexplained situation where you have to wonder why they are asking Kiyotaka to look into threatening letters in the first place. This seems like something that could have been explained and wasn’t, and why Aoi is dragged around makes no sense given it has nothing to do with the shop or her job.


And even if we ignore that contextually it makes no sense, it isn’t very interesting. They go look at some flowers, talk to some angry girls, and then conclude with what was probably obvious from the get go, though the motives explained might have been overlooked given neither was all that interesting.

Visually this show remains good enough, though the sequence under the trees made for some distracted viewing as the sun spots on clothes and faces didn’t seem to move even when the characters did. It seemed like they were overly ambitious adding all those sun streaks into the scene but then didn’t really do anything with them leaving me wondering just what was going on at times.


But yeah, there’s not a lot here to be excited about. It’s working, kind of, but it hasn’t done a lot to ensure the audience knows who these characters are nor has it tried to actually make us care about them. So all that is left this episode is a bit of a puzzle that it would really be an over-embellishment to claim was a mystery.

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16 thoughts on “Holmes of Kyoto Episode 2: We’ve Ditched The Antiques For a Pretty Bland Puzzle

  1. I like detective type anime but since I have watched a lot of those, I figured out most of the plot at the beginning of the episode. I thought it was kind of obvious who was behind the letters. I think I will continue watching because of the cases and because I like this type of anime, but I agree with it was bland. I can see why you feel disappointed with it.

    1. This one was very obvious which didn’t help with the general feeling of blandness. There weren’t enough possibilities to make it actually a mystery as to who was behind things.

  2. I wasn’t overly enamoured with this one. I won’t say I disliked it but it didn’t really hold my interest outside of the scene where Holmes caught out the con man.

    The female lead is every simpering, earnest but needy cipher while Holmes is a derivative of Sebastian from Black Butler – unflappable and always has an answer to everything.

    So, dropped but not because it is necessarily bad but because it hasn’t proven itself to be a “must watch” show. :-/

    1. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t very interesting either yet and that’s actually sometimes worse. It just kind of exists and while I’ll give it one more episode, I’m very prepared to drop this and I won’t feel very bad about it.

  3. Hmm…itโ€™s becoming harder and harder to pick up a show. I have started with episode 2 of Hanebado! And honestly it pretty much surprises me at this moment that itโ€™s not too bad. This one though….it sounds pretty bland indeed ๐Ÿ˜ข

    1. I’ve been fairly disappointed with this one. I went in this season with few expectations, but this one I was kind of interested in. So far that interest has not paid off.

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