Holmes of Kyoto Episode 1: Not So Much A Mystery – More Antiques Roadshow


I’m not sure if this is actually supposed to be a mystery of not (MAL claims it is), but this first episode is more chilling in an antique shop and sipping cups of tea with the minor disturbance of a counterfeit teacup thrown in.


Aoi is our protagonist who has just started working part time at an antique shop alongside Kiyotaka (Holmes) who is also the grandson of the shop owner. He’s teaching her about antiques in their spare time so lets have lots of discussions about various Japanese art works. And that’s more or less all we’ve got so far other than the fact that Holmes seems to know everything about everyone and Aoi seems like a complete space cadet who just happens to like old things.


Despite the absence of anything really happening in this episode other than the backstory of how Aoi first went to the shop (and why we needed a flashback to the previous two weeks and they couldn’t have just told us the story in order I will never figure out) this was still fairly pleasant viewing. Certainly not overly exciting but not without some points of interest.


That said, I’m not sure about reviewing this one week to week unless the second episode does do more with the mystery aspect given if this is the standard for the show the reviews are going to end up pretty repetitive. For now, I’ll give this one another episode and see how it goes.

Did you like the first episode of Holmes of Kyoto?

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19 thoughts on “Holmes of Kyoto Episode 1: Not So Much A Mystery – More Antiques Roadshow

    1. Maybe. The write up seems to indicate there will be. It would have been nice to get a bit of a taste of that though in the first episode if that is where they are going. We’ll see what episode 2 does.

  1. I think this one is on my iffy list as well. It was just borderline interesting but like you, i’d give it one more episode and decide if it stays on my rotation.

    1. Hopefully now that it has done its set up the next episode can do a bit more. Or maybe it really is just cups of tea while discussing antiques.

  2. I’m intrigued enough by the first episode to keep watching. It seemed like the main focus of the episode was to establish the characters.I did think the character dynamic between Holmes and Aoi was interesting. If they go on from there into some interesting mysteries then it should be good viewing.

    1. I think the section where they were discussing the paintings could easily be clipped into an episode of Antiques Road Show without much editing and it would fit just perfectly.

  3. Hmmm…..don’t really know about this one. I’ve seen it make an appearance over on a couple of blogs, but most reviews found the show to be okayish, but nothing really special. This one for now at least, is a series that I’m not going to pay too much attention too unless something drastically changes 😊

    1. Sounds like a safe bet. I’m not sure how long I’m sticking with it unless episode 2 shows some definite sign of development of either the plot or the characters (I’ll settle for either one at this point).

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