Hitorinoshita Episode 6


I’ve probably said it every week, but Soran is a moron. Other than the initial fight against the zombies he hasn’t won a single conflict and yet he still carries on like he’s all powerful. And when he finally unleashes his ‘full power’ this episode it still isn’t enough and he has to get rescued by Houhou. This week, other than an invitation to some sort of competition to determine a successor, all we get is a strung out series of battles as various groups apparently try to get Soran only none of them do because Houhou is there and apparently she’s amazing. Oh, I forgot an incredibly lame gag back at the office where what’s-his-name deliberately takes a sip of coffee before reading a memo just so he can spit it at the other guy who showed up last week. I really should add this one to the dropped list and if this goes into tournament mode (which that whole choosing a successor thing kind of indicates it might) I will definitely drop it at that point. While Asterisk War and Food Wars get away with tournaments because I like the characters and am invested in the overall plot, Hitorinoshita does not have that advantage.

And in relation to the quote above, maybe people should have a conversation with Soran first. Then they won’t want to get their hands on him or even be in the same anime any more.

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchyroll.

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