Hitorinoshita Episode 5


My question from last episode stands: Why would Soran join up with Express Delivery over the other kidnappers when they attack him, beat him up and threaten him? Of course, my other ongoing issue with this series is Soran himself. He continues to waver between towering arrogance and confidence and absolute patheticness with no in-between. You would think after 5 episodes of getting attacked, kidnapped and beaten that he would have learned some kind of moderation. Also, this episode has the Express Delivery guys beating up a female prisoner which doesn’t do much to endear them to the audience. All and all, there are no characters to actually like in this show and the plot, while there are certainly glimpses of interesting ideas, just kind of meanders.

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3 thoughts on “Hitorinoshita Episode 5

  1. I get his patheticness but I actually liked him the most (character wise, the others were rather annoying). Jo Yon seems to be a little interesting violence aside. Curious to why he’s there in the first place <.< Meh, this is second on my list of worst shows this season so not much else to say really…

    1. That’s about all this show has left going for it, curiosity. That’s why I’ll watch the next episode, because I want to know.

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