Hitorinoshita Episode 4


My issues with Hitorinoshita continue to be the same: the protagonist is really, really annoying and other then the fact that there are different groups of people with powers who are doing various things there has been no explanation as to what is going on or why. Honestly, other than the fact that the protagonist has now been kidnapped and then rescued, I couldn’t tell you what the main conflict of this show is. Yeah, our superpowered humans are clearly fighting and have a history of doing so, but why is unclear as is what they are trying to accomplish. Fortunately, it kind of looks like we might get some explanation next week as our irritating MC seems to be about to start work for one of the factions (though why the group that send a girl to threaten him with knives seems safer than the group that send a zombie summoner after him has yet to be explained).

If I am honest though, while this show is still pretty problematic, since the first episode the stories have been relatively coherent and we are slowly learning more. I did have a favourite moment this week when knife girl pointed out to MC that the reason he had bad luck was because he was stupid. Truer words were never spoken to the guy who got kidnapped because he fell for the ‘let’s go on a date’ ploy.

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchyroll.

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