Hitorinoshita Episode 11


Let’s start with a positive: Soran is almost not in this episode after the intro.

Why? Because we’re flashing back to 1944.

Possibly some of what we’ve just learned will become relevant once the guy in hospital get’s to the end of his rambling tale but to be honest I’ve had just about enough of this story at this point. It isn’t even a mystery anymore, it is just with-holding information because otherwise there is no reason for anyone to keep watching. Turns out Houhou was dead boring even before the events at the start of the series. You would think after 70 plus years she could have developed something resembling a personality.

I don’t know if this show is ending next week or not (as it certainly does not feel like they can wrap this story up), but I kind of feel that if this show continues into the Autumn Season (or gets a second season) I’m going to let it drop at that point. I’m not engaged with the characters or the plot and I somehow doubt next week will do anything to change that. If I’m proven wrong next week, that could be a good thing too.

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchyroll.

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