Hitorinoshita Episode 1 + 2


Someone is digging up graves in a small village, must be time for zombies. Only the opening kind of indicates that there is a little more than just zombies in this story. Anyway, a boy who was abandoned by his father has returned to the village to visit his grandfather’s grave but it’s been dug up and there’s a weird girl claiming to be his older sister there and then they are attacked by zombies. All clear as can be.

Review Episode 1:

I’m giving this one another episode only because I haven’t really got another horror/suspense anime on my list at the moment (other than D Gray Man which doesn’t count because it’s in a genre all of its own – fan girl moment over). I wasn’t overly impressed by this mish-mash of a first episode and the characters have left zero impression. There are however some hints at vast plots and possible supernatural powers so I’m going to give this the benefit of the doubt for a week or two. Please let it actually go somewhere.

Review Episode 2:


I strongly suspect that this is the show I am going to severely regret not dropping at episode 1. Much like Big Order or The Lost Village last season, I’m engaged enough that I kind of want to know where this is going, even as what I’m watching is either a cliché or just a mess. Certainly there is still potential for this to actually pull together a cohesive plot, but it doesn’t seem like it is in any rush to do so. Instead we see small moments between characters and flashbacks to prior conversations and some of these are actually interesting but they give you more questions than answers. Plus, I still really dislike the main character which isn’t helping this show out very much.

Hitorinoshita is available on Crunchyroll.

One thought on “Hitorinoshita Episode 1 + 2

  1. I totally get you. I still prefer the main character over the other characters introduced (those still alive anyways). The only one that may eventually beat him is the glasses guy from the first episode. I hated the older sister from the moment I saw her in the opening…my guts were right too. She’s CREEPY! O.o

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