Hitoribocchi Review Episode 7


Not quite the summer vacation she’s been dreaming of.


Episode 7

The summer cliché episode hits us full force as Hitoribocchi ‘dazzles’ us with its less than stellar take on the first summer vacation. Bocchi and her friends decide to hang out and we get a trip to the pool and karaoke with fairly predictable outcomes before they decide to attempt ot drop an emotional bombshell but mostly it just makes me wonder once again about Kai and the challenge she set Bocchi. As much as I appreciate that Kai wanted Bocchi to make some friends, this scene is just idiotic and even if Bocchi gets through the challenge realistically that’s a friendship that has now been left dead in the water.


On the brighter side, Hitoribocchi continues to give us some incredibly over the top facial expressions and reactions from Bocchi. They are perhaps my favourite part of this episode as she reels from one situation to the next.

I did also like that her ‘plans’ continue to fail. The final plan to have a conversation with someone before the vacation by removing her tie didn’t go at all according to her simulation and I do think that was fairly relatable. I certainly have tried to think my way through a conversation before having it and then realised about two exchanges in that the rehearsal was completely off-base.

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As a whole package though I’m still finding this one a little hard to take and while there are some amusing moments to be found here there’s a lot that leaves things to be desired and overall it would just be nice if it were a little bit stronger as a story or the characters were just a little more believable. The cute girls doing whatever scenario is workable but this one just isn’t solid enough.


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