Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu Review Episode 12


The End of the Year But Not The Challenge


Hitoribocchi Episode 12

The school year ends and Bocchi has a total of 6 friends, plus a new smart phone. You would call that progress only it is one step forward two steps back as she still can’t befriend Kurai, Kai is still not speaking to her, and when it comes to a second year self-introduction, despite her best efforts and pep-talk, the end result is still throwing up from nerves.


Not that I don’t sympathise with someone whose stomach rebels at the idea of having to speak in front of others. It is one of the more relatable facets of Bocchi’s personality and one that I wish they had spent more time on dealing with. Just making friends doesn’t make that type of social anxiety disappear and seeing her work through her actually issues would have been nice.


As usual we get some classroom silliness, this episode mostly revolving around using their smart phones to photograph and record one another before Kurai takes centre stage and passes out from a fever. I do like how they tie things together in this series as we see the ninja girl dive into crane making in an instant but otherwise this is a pretty standard course for the series.


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It was however a fantastic episode for reaction shots with a lot of great expressions from Bocchi and from the other cast members.


Clearly this story can continue on given we’ve got another two years of middle school for Bocchi but I’ll honestly say that even if it was to get another anime series I wouldn’t watch it. I’m very much done with this set up and these characters and ready to move on. That said, I can appreciate why this one has charmed others this season.

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