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Money Can’t Solve This Problem


Hitoribocchi Episode 11

It seems weird in the penultimate episode to introduce a new character that within one episode grabs Bocchi’s attention and is befriended but at the same time this episode had a lot of heart so despite the weird timing I can’t really fault it. Hitoribocchi does like its socially awkward characters and the rich girl air-head who is lonely that they introduce certainly fits the mould they’ve been following so far.


The running joke of the episode is that neight Bocchi, nor the rich girl, have anything resembling an understanding of how the world works. We’ve known this from the beginning about Bocchi in terms of her plans to tell people the class was cancelled or similar rather than facing reality. To see another student join her as a partner in crime and misunderstandings is possibly pushing it a bit.


Anyway, in order to avoid changing classes the rich girl decides Bocchi should just buy the school and so gets her a job folding paper cranes. Understandably, the job doesn’t pay much and then the two realise that buying the school is more or less impossible given it isn’t for sale. But, friendship forms through the misadventure and ultimately they all decide to use Bocchi’s limited wages to take a photo together.


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There’s a real sweetness to the overall story here and the photo of friends and the courage the girl gains to message her parents and to tell them how she’s feeling are a solid way to end the episode. As much as Hitoribocchi hasn’t really been for me this season I can really appreciate what this episode aimed to achieve.


Now the question is, what does the final episode do to end the story. I’m assuming they will finish the school year but what will the characters have gained in the process?

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