Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episodes 2 + 3: Blow Out The Candle Already


Review Episode 2:

The main problem with this episode is that even though it starts with someone turning down the contract, you kind of know by the end someone is going to hell (this is the fourth season afterall). So all of the steps in the middle just seem to be stretching content as we march toward the inevitable. All episodic stories that follow formula tend to face this issue but for the most part they overcome this by clever twists or unexpected developments within the formula. Episode 2 here offers none of that other than perhaps that neither character was actually wishing vengeance and despite seeming a bit crazy actually seemed to be trying to grant the other’s wish.


Because I didn’t really care about either character in this instance, mostly I was just marking time while watching and waiting for the axe to fall. When it finally did, it was really without any kind of pomp or ceremony but more just the expected conclusion. That doesn’t make this bad, but it wasn’t really a particularly interesting episode either.

Review Episode 3:


Well, that story had a bit more bite to it and while the ending wasn’t totally unexpected, it felt like there was bit more thought put into it. What’s really horrific about this episode isn’t the number of people sent to hell, but more the reality the characters are living before that. Mostly because it isn’t completely unthinkable.


I liked this episode far more than the second one, but that is mostly because I really wanted to see vengeance carried out this time. Not necessarily sending the characters to hell resulting in a definite mental break for the characters left behind, but some form of justice or intervention that might save the younger characters from the hell they were living in. Overall, it just had far more impact.

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5 thoughts on “Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episodes 2 + 3: Blow Out The Candle Already

  1. I haven’t watched episode 3 yet but I liked how in #2, the two of them were so wrapped up in each other to the point that being damned together seemed a better option that living apart. I guess I like that kind of screwed up relationships once in a while.

    1. Part of me just wondered why they didn’t sort out their issues without resorting to sending one or the other to hell. It just seemed like a really extreme way to do couples therapy.

      1. Good point. I think it was implied that the short one – no idea what their names are – was depressed to the point of suicide? Maybe that’s why? I admit that part’s confusing to me too.

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