Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episode 7: Who’s Fault?



This episode starts very strangely but quickly falls into the usual pattern of meet horrible person doing horrible things leading to tragic results, and someone deciding that some sort of justice is needed.


And it is hard to argue with our would be curser this week. The guy is a jerk. He killed a teammate and blamed another and felt absolutely nothing but smug satisfaction that everything went the way he wanted it to.


What’s even worse, is that he would have gotten away with it in this case without supernatural intervention. While I feel bad for the guy who ended up calling Hell Girl, I can’t help but think he made the right call given he really didn’t have all that many options left at the point in time. So, the obvious message here is don’t tell silly lies in the first place because if you’d just told the mother what had happened in the first place, everyone would have known who was responsible right from the start.

All and all, a pretty standard episode.

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Karandi James.


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