Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episode 10 – Don’t Trust Rumours



This episode of hell Girl has the novelty of not really involving a curse. Certainly the main character wanted to curse someone but it turns out that wasn’t needed (for a number of reasons). It gave us a bit of variation from the usual routine.


Still, they were playing heavily on dramatic irony this week by showing the audience both sides of the story so that we could clearly see where the main character was wrong in his assumptions about the old man. Not to mention, he himself says that he shouldn’t trust rumours after he tried to summon Hell Girl and she didn’t appear. It would seem he should apply that same advice to his understanding of the man’s motive for not selling the house.


All and all though, the episode, while slightly novel, isn’t overly interesting as we spend a lot of time driving along a dark road. The concept is interesting but the execution is so-so.

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