Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episode 1: People Never Learn



“Jigoku Tsushin,” a website that only accessible exactly at midnight. If you post a hopeless grudge there, Hell Girl will appear and drag your hated foe into Hell. The rumor sounded like an urban myth, yet it spread among the young people and turned out to be true. The girl’s name is Ai Enma. However, the legend does not speak of the contract with the Hell Girl.

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You would think after three seasons people would start realising that this whole cursing people thing is a terrible idea. And yet here we go again. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of this franchise and yet I always find it fairly watchable so I’ve picked up this installment not expecting much more than what we’ve already seen but hoping it will keep me suitably entertained.


This first episode brings us our designated victim of the week and the usual twist where the audience realises that the curser is making a mistake even as we are powerless to prevent them doing something stupid. It is a pretty solid formula and it works even if this show has a tendency to get repetitive.


However, my biggest issue with this first episode was how quickly the situation escalated. Admittedly, bullying sucks and being cornered can make you do some crazy things, but this went from 0 – 100 almost instantly. It kind of cheapens the conflict when it is being driven by a need to fit it into a single episode rather than by being given the time it needs to properly unfold.

That aside, Hell Girl remains suitably creepy and watchable so I guess I’ll follow along for the season.

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13 thoughts on “Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight Episode 1: People Never Learn

  1. I am kind of a fan of this series (though s3 wasn’t impressive) and this is the only anime I’m following along this season.

    This episoded did escalate quickly but I guess the bullied girl was at her breaking point by that time. I liked the last scenes a lot.

    1. You’re not the only one! No, not about having manga, divd and backpack. Though, rather than loving it I just find it healing. “Your anguish… It sustains me” as a certain fake priest once said.

      1. A bit depressing though. Ai, ( Hell Girl ) thrives on people’s miseries and tragic circumstances, and therefore, do not deserve to be taken advantaged of.

        1. Sorry for being late to reply, was in the depths of depravity as we’re reaching over 40°C (but who cares).

          You mean the “victims” or whoever make the path are taking advantage of her, or us viewer? Either way, I can’t help it but enjoy watching it.

          1. Oooops…. no, nobody is being taken advantaged of. Ai is just giving what the ” victim ” ( or someone with issues )wants. My problem with Ai is that , though she helps the victim, she gets something in return….. the victim’s soul. I feel that the tragic character is victimized twice.

          2. Oh, I get it. So it the “price” the victim or whoever… screw it, I’ll call it contractor, has to pay that is bothering. Indeed, it does feel unfair for those who use Hell Gate/Channel as last straw, but I think it’s a sacrifice need to be paid (though I believe soul x soul is fair, I still can’t think it of completely right).

  2. I can’t believe this show is still going on. I loved the first season, but I’ve never thought there was enough material to support multiple seasons, especially since season 2 brought in a baby character, a sure sign that a series is running on fumes. Just look at Fairly Oddparents.

  3. Yay! Happy to know you’ll continue on watching it. Btw, are you still reading Killing Stalking?

    1. I haven’t continued from Chapter 19. I was kind of going to wait fo there to be quite a bit more and then try it again (maybe). I think it was starting to drag a bit but I’m still kind of curious where the characters are going to go.

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