Hell Girl Fourth Twilight Episode 4: To Curse or Not To Curse


Review Episode 4:

This week the story took place in a retirement home and I’m just going to point out that watching carers be cruel to the elderly is not exactly comfortable viewing. While I don’t worry too much in horror stories about the targets of the misery, there’s just that fraction too much truth in this story for it to sit well, and that probably adds to Hell Girl’s overall ambience with really is one that just likes to make the viewer feel that little bit uncomfortable.


As she’s nearing the end of her life, Sakura decides to curse the director who runs the facility in order to protect her friends there, but then she hesitates because she is told she’ll go to hell after she dies. Apparently she hadn’t considered the part that came after life prior to being told that.


However, when things come to a head, she pulls the string.

This episode works just for that story but there’s a lot going on in the background as well which makes it kind of interesting to watch unfold. Overall, another standard entry into the series so if you’ve liked it so far, there’s nothing disappointing here.

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6 thoughts on “Hell Girl Fourth Twilight Episode 4: To Curse or Not To Curse

  1. Is it just me or are the humans in this season far more cruel than the ones in prior seasons? I mean, they’ve always been shitty people but this season sends my skin crawling sometimes. This episode in particular because as you said, it’s unsettling to just sit and watch old people be abused.

    1. The humans this season have sucked – and I get that it is intentional to a point but it would be nice to have a few non-crazy humans around occasionally.

  2. Is this from Fourth Twilight? I remember watching Hell Girl several years ago but these seem like newer episodes because of better graphics.

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