Heavy Object First Impressions


War has been changed by the creation of giant machines known as objects. And that’s all I’ve got so far.

First Impressions:

I’ve watched one episode so far. In that episode I endured a very long opening narration that tried to short cut through any meaningful world building by giving an incredibly dull history lesson which I kind of zoned out during and so had to go back because I missed the actual information about Objects. We then move straight into a dialogue between two ‘soldiers’ who lament the uselessness of their jobs in a world with objects and also touch on class warfare and point out that they are being paid by the taxpayer (four times in nearly 5 minutes). Of course, during maintenance, we have an obligatory scene where due to a malfunction the belt tightens on the female pilot and out protagonist of sorts is torn about whether he should touch her chest to help her or not which is finally resolved where she uses the emergency evacuation. And then we transition to a fight where it looks like the object was destroyed by another, the pilot evacuating again (there’s foreshadowing for you) and then we get to end credits.

If it sounds like I wasn’t particularly impressed then I probably wrote that exactly right. I didn’t watch this when it first aired and it’s been in my queue on AnimeLab ever since. I actually heard some good things about it back when it aired so I was kind of disappointed. I sat down to watch this because I was feeling pretty dreadful (sick lately) and wanted a diversion and instead I started wondering if this was ever going to get over these awkward first moments and actually start a story.

That said, the premise if promising enough to give another couple of episodes to try to stabalise. I’ll write a review when I either quit or finish.

6 thoughts on “Heavy Object First Impressions

  1. The characters become more intelectual than ecchi. I thought the same as you, girl with boobs, boy with… A heartbeat, boom romance. Not so much.

    It does become quite repetitive over the 2x cours though. But the sub plot is slow slow building. Im on ep 17 and theyre just figuring out something.

  2. I hate then the OP is used so that writers don’t have to make an effort later on, especially when the OP basically gives away the entire story ahead of time. I’m eager to hear if you keep watching or drop this series

    1. I’ve wafched a bit more since I drafted this and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish the series but there are some real issues in these early episodes.

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