Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Episode 1

Okay, I know I’m really behind on this one, however it wasn’t available on Crunchyroll in my region and I’ve only just discovered that Hanabee has the first 8 episodes up. So here I am starting this series.


Let’s admit it from the start, Sakamoto is cool. He’s good looking, his glasses are pretty awesome, and he has a kind of understated style. That said, he is damn obnoxious. You kind of understand why he is the target of the various groups and individuals in this episode as you just want to see him taken down a peg. I’m not sure the humour in this series is hitting the right spot for me however the bee versus compass fight was pretty amazing.

I’ll see how many more episodes I get through, though I don’t think this series is something I can watch all the way through.

Watching Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto on Hanabee.

8 thoughts on “Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto Episode 1

  1. I watched only one episode and I loved it except I wasn’t very interested in watching the show every week? Love to hear your thoughts about it!

    1. I think if I’d had to wait a week between episodes I’d have probably dropped it (like Tanaka-kun is always listless). Because I’m behind and can watch it a bit more quickly that is probably going to help. So, watch an episode, break for a day or so and then another. I also couldn’t marathon this because it’s just a bit weird.

  2. This show is so stupid that it is so funny. Hahahah you can’t help but laugh at this show. I continue to watch it to see what craziness will happen next.

  3. Why does every pair of glasses in anime have to be those weird upper rimless versions? I’ve never seen a pair like that in real life. But they’re ubiquitous in anime. WTF?

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