Have You Found ‘The Free Spirit Anime’?

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We all know there are some amazingly talented people in the community and it is always great finding a new blog to read or view that has something interesting about it. The Free Spirit Anime with Rami is fairly new but already has a nice show-case of some very cool anime inspired drawings.

Now I know from looking at the likes and comments over there that a number of my followers have already come across this blog (and Raistlin featured Rami in his latest blogger in the spotlight), but if you haven’t, it might be worth taking a few moments to check out and maybe even to suggest a character you would like to see drawn.

The drawings are absolutely gorgeous and well worth checking out. There’s a few below but head on over to their site and spend some time checking out the work they’ve put on display in just a few weeks. Here’s an introduction from Rami:

My name is Rami Alhaj Hussein I am 31 years old drawing since I was child it’s a hobby I enjoy spending time sketching something around me using pencil or pen sometimes charcoal stick , sometimes using Photoshop for drawing, editing or Clip studio paint ( anime PC app ) sometimes people ask me a common questions like how can I become artists well the answer is easy pick a pencil and start with sketching anything around you, or start with drawing a circle, triangle and square first then start with simple drawings, I always love to see the smile on people faces after I show them my work so I decided to make my first blog to make everyone smile.

Rami Alhaj Hussein

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Have You Found ‘The Free Spirit Anime’?

  1. Omg yes! They are one of my favorite blogs and definitely one of my favorite artists!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve!

  2. All thanks from my heart Karandi you are awesome, it’s very nice to see you make such a nice article about my blog also I am glad you like my art work.
    I am very happy with you guys around me, I can promise you that I will keep my work ongoing even I got plans for future to make it the best Anime art blog. And my original characters will be there one day
    Karandi thanks from my heart you are awesome, fabulous and gorgeous.
    With love ❤️ rami

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