Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 4 Review

Kemono Episode 4

No Lessons Learned

Shigure has her work cut out for her in Kemono Michi. While she seemed like the flaky character when we met her in episode one, Genzo’s vapid nature has forced her into the role of the rational one who is considering how they are going to realise the ‘dream’ of starting a pet shop. Near the start and end of this episode we see Shigure at a bar complaining about Genzo but realise she’s actually really working to try to help him. Now if he’d just try and help himself.


This episode also reminds us that it was the princess who summoned Genzo in the first place. I’m a little concerned about the competence of her security forces when they can’t track Genzo down. He isn’t exactly keeping a low profile. Still, it was nice to see that despite the basic set-up and punchline nature of this anime there’s an attempt at an ongoing plot that may do something.


However, the joke this week involves the team going out after griffins. Naturally Genzo is only interested in actually owning one and doesn’t really care what the mission actually is. For once though he didn’t instantly come out on top with the adult griffin. That was kind of nice to see an animal that didn’t just roll over and put up with him.

There’s a very heavy reliance in Kemono Michi on repeated gags. For instance, the ant that continues to just kind of do things in the background this week appeared to serve tea to a guest, jumped into the ‘team’ cheer scene, and later dragged the unconscious Carmilla off and buried her (to help her recover of course). The lack of explanation for why there’s a giant ant in the team is fine and it just never gets old (I’m going to have to work at actually getting some screen shots of the ant because he’s making a play for MVP in the cast). Less effective is Shigure’s ongoing gag with collecting swords after Genzo beats up the hunter who can’t seem to understand that he just shouldn’t mention killing animals to Genzo. It wasn’t particularly funny the first time and with her current role in the team it fits even less.


One thing seems to be true though and that is that Genzo’s basic nature isn’t going to change. By the end of this episode he hasn’t earned any money and has acquired yet another mouth to feed. If it wasn’t for Shigure I’m sure Genzo and his animals would all be living in the wilderness by now, though perhaps some of the animals would prefer it that way.

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Images from: Hataage! Kemono Michi. Dir. K Miura. ENGI. 2019.

7 thoughts on “Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 4 Review

  1. By this fourth episode, I found alot of the same ol’ repeated gags start to grow on me for reasons unexplainable. This is just one of those anime that I can’t help getting gradually attached to by each episode even if it doesn’t have anything major that sets it off from most comedies/Isekai. I blame the ant maid.

    1. The ant maid is definitely a highlight here. I’m kind of hoping they never explain and it just hangs around because to be honest it is what I’m finding the most amusing in this show. Small things and all that.

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