Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 3 Review

Kemono Episode 3

Introducing the Dragon Girl

Episode 3 of Kemono Michi: Rise Up is a weird mix of tones and jokes and while some land their mark others misfire and leave us staring awkwardly at the screen wondering just what is going on. Fortunately the nature of this anime is one that doesn’t ask us to take it all that seriously so somehow it manages to pull together for an episode that is kind of alright even if I’ll forget most of it almost immediately after watching.


I do like that the ideal pet shop hasn’t just magically sprung into being. The demon bests Genzo has captured require feeding and maintenance and at this point, even if the creatures were actually tame around anyone other than Genzo, nobody wants to own one. I do feel some of those cages are a little on the small side for the creatures that are housed in them seemingly on a full-time basis but at least there’s an attempt at looking at the details sitting behind his pipe dream. Also, the random ant character is still just wandering around taking care of chores and none of the characters ever seem to acknowledge him. He’s just there. I’m going to admit, I find that fairly amusing as he wanders through scenes in the background just doing what he’s doing.

Um… Not sure that’s how it works.

However, on the less pleasant note, we have Genzo meeting one of is furry neighbours and we slip into that awkward and uncomfortable tone that came about in episode one where he forcibly pet the thug into submission. This scene doesn’t go that far but it certainly reminds us that Genzo doesn’t exactly respect boundaries.

However, the introduction of the dragon girl – sorry, half-dragon girl – works well enough. I love that Genzo is continuing to be legitimately convinced by his own words about no one recognising him when he is wearing his mask. There’s a really cute moment when he explains it to the girl and she happily accepts his logic. It is so dumb and yet kind of adorable at the same time.


Anyway, all this means the episode was pretty much a mixture for me. This anime is definitely watchable but it isn’t really high on my priority list. Though in a season where I’m feeling reasonably indifferent to a lot of the content, this one is entertaining enough.

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Images from: Hataage! Kemono Michi. Dir. K Miura. ENGI. 2019.

5 thoughts on “Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 3 Review

  1. The small cages seriously friggin’ bother me too. However, I’m way more sensitive to that than most… I’m constantly fighting that battle IRL because people almost always put guinea pigs in homes that are WAY too small because “that’s what the pet store sold me”.

    1. Yeah, the small cages are pretty terrible. The worst thing is that the show is juxtaposing this to Genzo talking bout love and respect. It’s fairly common in anime to see animals treated like that; I sometimes think a lot of people in Japan don’t see the contradiction here. Sadly, I don’t expect that part to get better.

  2. I was going to respond to the point you made about the small cages that is in your e-mail notifier but doesn’t seem to be part of this post…. :\

    (I agree btw, that looked a bit bad for an animal lover).

    1. I did get around to the small cages in the second paragraph but there were a few points I wanted to touch on and I didn’t want the post to turn into an animal rights debate. Still, really would love to see some more free-range demon beasts here.

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