Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 2 Review

Kemono Episode 2

Don’t Call Him A
Demon Beast Killer

While episode 1 left me very on the fence as to whether I would continue watching this, episode 2 of Kemono Michi ended up being a relatively pleasant, if slightly repetitive, viewing experience. Genzo has now determined that he’s going to open a pet shop and to do that, and to acquire potential pets, he’s going to need to work for the guild to defeat demon beasts.


The fact that trying to get home hasn’t crossed his mind does not surprise me given he seems pretty oblivious to a lot of things, though given he was summoned there is definitely a question of whether they can just send him back. Though, I was left wondering where the Princess’ guards were. Didn’t Genzo knock the Princess out last week? Did they just give up looking for her assailant?


Anyway, the running joke this week is that the members of the guild gave him the nickname Demon Beast Killer and every time someone says it to him he takes them out. You would think they’d learn after one example but clearly it takes multiple object lessons before people get it. Also, a stronger team approach him to join up on a quest and then the leader makes the mistake of saying he’ll kill the monster and the end result is him getting thrown across the room. While it is predictable it isn’t exactly unpleasant to watch either.

Anyway, Genzo and the random girl he saved last week complete a bunch of quests acquiring a small menagerie of animals, pay off part of her debt and attempt to start up a shop but they are still a bit short of cash. Even if they start a shop I don’t think it is going to end well given nobody even knows what a pet shop is and certainly no one in this world seems interested in buying an animal. Still, it is kind of cute seeing Genzo happily surrounded by animals.


There is a final mission this week where he faces off against Orcs. I love that he had no enthusiasm for the mission because it didn’t involve animals, but then when he realised it would help him earn money and get him closer to his dream pet shop he jumped into the mission. Solving the conflict through an impromptu wrestling match, while it sounds ridiculous, actually worked in the context of the show and in the situation and I though this episode wrapped up nicely.


I don’t think this one is going to top my list anytime soon but I certainly found episode 2 had more solid footing than the first episode and I was pretty entertained while watching this. I guess we’ll see what episode 3 of Kemono Michi does.

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Images from: Hataage! Kemono Michi. Dir. K Miura. ENGI. 2019.

7 thoughts on “Hataage! Kemono Michi Episode 2 Review

  1. I laughed more this episode than the first, so as long as it keeps doing that I’ll have no problems with this series. After all, not every anime has to be taken seriously! 😉

    1. This episode was definitely just more fun than the first. It will be nice to see if this one can settle into something is just fun to watch each week.

    1. The first episode didn’t do much for me and I found the comedy pretty flat. This episode felt a bit smoother and a bit more amusing. I’m still not completely sold on it, but I think it will be entertaining enough. I know a lot of others have found this one really funny so I guess it depends on whether the humour works for you or not.

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