Happiness! First Impressions

Another hit of the random button on Crunchyroll and this time it came up with Happiness!

First Impressions:

Episode 1 of this anime is called Valentine and focusses on Haruhi (a girl from a magic school) buying chocolates. It’s kind of implied she does this every year in the hopes of running into some boy who saved her from some bullies when she was little. In the end, she gives the chocolate to a guy from the regular school after her friend nearly blows him up with a spell gone awry. Then the magic school burns down (after numerous characters have suggested it should blow up so the mages could join the regular school) and Haruhi and her friend end up in the regular guy’s class.

This has a very dated kind of look and feel but was generally fairly watchable. I’m probably going to watch another couple of episodes of this in between other shows and it kind of feels like I might make it to the end of this series. That said, I won’t commit from this episode alone because it could definitely go down the path of bad clichés in anime really quickly given the fairly generic set up. I’ll post some thoughts every couple of episodes until I either finish it or drop it.

Happiness! is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Happiness! First Impressions

  1. You might be right there, it looks generic enough. Sounds intriguing at the same time though, blowing up a school sounds kind of fun – a different level to what old HP does in Hogwarts XDD.

    1. Bit too generic though. I wrote up my thoughts on the next couple of episodes (will post soonish) and I’ve definitely decided I’m over it. Oh well. I twas something I hadn’t heard of before at least.

    1. Problem with the random is Crunchyroll tends to send me to an episode of an anime I’ve already watched. It usually takes 2 – 3 hits before I get an anime I haven’t already watched.

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