Happiness! Episodes 2 + 3


I picked this up after it came up as a random episode on Crunchyroll and wrote up my first impressions. I was kind of interested in the first episode so decided to see where it would go.

Right, so this slipped pretty quickly into an episodic formula. Group introduced in first episode try to do something normal, Anri get’s overzealous with her magic and stuffs something up, conflicting opinions about magic from our two main characters, and then the clean up from the stuffed up magic. It isn’t that this show is actually bad, but it’s pretty ordinary. I quite like the main characters but Anri is a little hard to take, as is Jun and these two episodes seemed to have a lot of them. I’m putting it on hold for a bit and will see what the Crunchyroll turns up next for a random show to try.


Happiness! is available on Crunchyroll.

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