Hand Shakers Episode 8



In a show where they can waste ten minutes on exposition that explains nothing, I probably should not be surprised by this episode. Essentially we meet an idol mid-fight as she takes out two opponents and maybe the dance would be cute except for the incredibly creepy animation making it nearly unwatchable. So, complete waste of an introduction to a character that has no personality beyond continuously quoting various notable people without any real reason to be doing so.


The only noteworthy thing in the entire episode is Tazuna didn’t win the fight. Technically he didn’t lose because otherwise Koyori might be dead (I stress the might be because I’m not trusting anything they’ve told us at this point). But he certainly wasn’t victorious. However, twenty minutes to lose a fight and not learn anything or gain any insight is kind of lame.

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Karandi James.


4 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 8

  1. “and maybe the dance would be cute except for the incredibly creepy animation making it nearly unwatchable.”

    ^^^This, so much this

  2. I liked the manager, but I don’t know if it’s because of how over the top he is or if it’s because Sugita voiced him.

    I know that Tazuna will eventually win the fight, but after 8 episodes I’d like Koyori to finally do something. The preview did hint to that, but I don’t know if it will actually come.

    1. Yes, Koyori actually doing something, other than being a master at reading where card attacks are coming from, would be the best move this show could make in terms of this fight. I guess we’ll see what happens next week.

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