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You know, there has been a lot of criticism of this anime but other than being ugly, having extremely long moments of exposition that explain nothing, a goal that makes no sense, and two characters that are about as interesting as watching paint dry, there hasn’t been anything too broken about this show. And yet, episode 6… Where do you even start?

I’m not even going to comment on the not one, or two, but three mesh comments this week. I promise. It isn’t even worth it amongst all the other things wrong with this episode.

Instead, let me focus on the battle itself and why this is a definite issue for a show that is built around pairs battling.

Firstly, there is no point. You might get a wish? This is even worse than WIXOSS where you get a wish, it just isn’t carried out the way you want it to be.

Secondly, our main characters can’t lose. Unlike other shows where you can get one or two losses and then come back, one loss puts you out of this game and in Koyori’s case might kill her (if we can believe anything we’ve been told) and so our protagonists are absolutely guaranteed at least a draw if not victory.

Which brings us to thirdly, how is Tazuna not very crispy-fried after being hit by repeated on point, very strong (to the point of overkill) attacks? He should not have been able to launch his final attack because he should have been killed in the first round of flames, at the very least from the giant flaming hand that crushed half a building, or any of the other attacks launched at him that he failed to avoid, including the last one that just of delayed him before he sailed through the smoke and won the day.

Oh, and a fourthly, just for a bonus, why do they only need to take out one part of the pair and how do you know which one? Explanations, please?

I’m not dropping this. I am watching it through to the end if for no other reason than to write a feature about appalling story telling. But wow. That was bad.

Hand Shakers is available on Crunchyroll.

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4 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 6

  1. The word incest kept going through my head while I’m watching this episode and then in the end it wasn’t really incest but seems like it?

  2. Yes, the show is only good enough to see how bad it’s possible to screw up.
    In this episode I also found funny that in the fight one dude is playing cards and another is using a sword. Imagine that scenario in the real world. And how Koyori manages to get the rules of the game in a second but still fail to learn a single word?

    1. I’d totally take a card deck to a sword fight. It seems like a great plan.
      Then again, in this instance, those cards appeared way overpowered compared to his sword. He was firebombing entire streets.

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