Hand Shakers Episodes 4 + 5


Review Episode 4:

Let’s get this out of the way. They are still abusing the word mesh in this show. We get it. He uses gears and likes to fix things. Please, someone rewrite his dialogue.


However, I didn’t really have too many issues with this episode (beyond things that are just inherently part of the show and have already been pointed out to be terrible). My biggest issue with this episode is that they reveal a lot of information about how Hand Shakers enter Ziggurat and why they shouldn’t use their real name and the Professor is just like, oh I forgot. Did we not waste 10 minutes of episode 2 on exposition and in that time were we told anything useful? Why couldn’t this information have come then? If they did that, we could actually start moving this plot along a bit.

Though other than that, this episode is still pretty much the same as the other three before it so if you haven’t already dropped it and you didn’t either scream in aggravation or burst out laughing at the timing of this explanation then you are probably going to continue watching.

Review Episode 5:


Yep, it’s another mesh comment. Help.

Anyway, the focus this week kind of seems to be the card games being played although it mostly seems like this is filler while we wait for Tazuna to have some cryptic conversation with someone who from what he says might be the ‘god’ they are possibly going to eventually get to challenge (who knows). Five minutes of dialogue between the two and mostly I was just bored and I have no desire to go back and listen again for whatever clues I may have missed.


But no, the lowest point of this episode other than being mostly boring and pointless is probably Lily and her little brother. If they were trying to make us care about the upcoming conflict they have failed because I have no reason to like or care about either of these two and to be honest, I probably would have preferred knowing less about the both of them.


Episode 5 is done but we finish all set up for a fight no one seems to want but they aren’t backing down from. Maybe we’ll learn something about Koyori or maybe we’ll just rinse and repeat the previous battle experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episodes 4 + 5

  1. At this point in time I’m just banking that next week will at least roll out an engaging fight.

    I mean, it can’t get worse than this right?…

    1. Sure, lets believe Lily won’t be either creepily attached to her brother or drawn with physics defying breasts for the duration of the next fights. My only real hope is Koyori might do something if the fight takes on a card fight feel because she’s already proven she can do that. It would be lovely to see her be more than baggage during a battle.

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