Hand Shakers Episode 12



This show and I do not mesh but this is the toned down version of the rant because the first draft was unpublishable in every sense of the word.

So, let’s just fight, a lot, with attacks we’ve never seen before and don’t know the rules of so don’t really have any reason to feel tension about who might win the battle. Let’s interspersed that with some nonsensical dialogue. Random action that somehow leads to victory, maybe (honestly I tuned out when they started flying around without using the gears with no apparent explanation). Exposition dump from formerly mute character explaining information we don’t care about because why would we when we’ve only just met these two characters and so far have been given no reason to care. This question from Tazuna:


And somehow that’s the end. Let’s smile. Lots of voice overs reminding us they were supposed to find god somewhere in here but if this is a hint of a second season I’m kind of hoping the final line, “Just kidding” was serious. Full review coming in the future though no surprises about what it will say. The only question I’ve still got is why on Earth did this ever get made?

Hand Shakers is available on Crunchyroll.

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7 thoughts on “Hand Shakers Episode 12

      1. Despite only one quarter of the season being over, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that this is the worse anime of the year.

        I honestly can’t imagine anything coming out that would be worse than this

        1. In terms of anime I’ll watch, yeah, I cannot imagine anything worse than this. If I had the stomach to watch it through, I think OneRoom might actually be worse.

          1. OneRoom was indeed a nightmare but at the very least it had the courtesy to only be four minutes long rather than full length.

          2. That’s true. I still didn’t make it through the first episode but at least for those watching it, the whole series is only about the length of two standard episodes.

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